Hi! I am Meagan.

I was born in the Queen City but was raised in the heart of Alabama. I have had a heart for small business ever since I started working with them 9 years ago. I worked for a local newspaper back in Birmingham, AL selling advertising to local businesses. Working with them gave me the inspiration to own my own business, and here I am, living out my dream!

What makes us different?

Our style and quality! We carry the softest shirts that are on the market today! What is made of? Two words: Pima cotton. Its supple softness actually reduces symptoms of medical conditions like eczema. On top of that, clothing made with Pima is more resistant to repeated washing (which happens a lot with children’s clothing) and don’t deform. SO, what you get is a high quality shirt with a really precious customized design. We also carry separates that are hand crafted in Alabama. We use classic fabric like gingham, seersucker, corduroy, just to name a few, to create a simple look with our twist.

We are currently online, have pop ups, and host trunk shows in homes! Here’s hoping these clothes will be in your laundry pile most often!

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